Anti-LGBT resolution revoked by regional assembly in Poland

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WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A rural region in southern Poland revoked an anti-LGBT resolution Wednesday under the threat of losing European Union funding.

The regional assembly of Swietokrzyskie voted in a special session to revoke the resolution, first passed in 2019. The region was the first area of Poland to rescind such a measure after becoming colloquially known as an “LGBT-free zone.”

Its move came after the country's government asked authorities in several regions to revoke their largely symbolic anti-LGBT resolutions. The EU had put on hold millions of euros of funding to the regions.

The appeal marked a reversal for the conservative government. Members of Poland's ruling Law and Justice, party had supported the resolutions, which local communities said were intended to protect families based on unions of a man and a woman.

The resolutions were part of a backlash against an increasingly visible gay rights movement in Poland. Rights activists said the “LGBT-free” designations made gays and lesbians feel unwelcome.

EU leaders denounced the resolutions as discriminatory, and the EU Parliament reacted earlier this year by passing a resolution declaring the entire 27-member EU a “freedom zone” for LGBT people.

The Associated Press

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