Antique firearms stolen from Harbour Grace museum


Two duelling pistols from the 19th century are among a cache of antique weapons that have been stolen from the Conception Bay Museum in Harbour Grace.

The pistols, which have been dated between 1813 to 1860, were among weapons stolen in March. 

RCMP on Tuesday appealed for public help in solving the crime.

Other stolen weapons include a Colt revolver dated to 1855 and a First World War vintage flare gun that was originally owned by Edward Oke of Harbour Grace.

Oke had loaned the flare gun to Capt. Erroll Boyd of the Royal Air Force so that he and travelling companion Lieut. Harry Connor of the U.S. Navy Reserve would have help in an emergency. The men embarked on the first Canadian flight from Canada to England on Oct. 9, 1930.


The pair made the trip successfully and Boyd had the flare gun engraved and sent back to Oke in Newfoundland. The gun carries an inscription relating the journey. 

The museum wants the items returned, and is asking anyone with information to contact Harbour Grace RCMP.

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