Antoinette Perry enjoys hosting first garden party

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Antoinette Perry enjoys hosting first garden party

The annual garden party at Government House had a new host this year.

Antoinette Perry was appointed P.E.I.'s lieutenant governor last October, so this was her first experience with the garden party held every year at Fanningbank.

Tuesday's event featured music from the Great George Street Brass Band, under the direction of Ron Murphy, as well as refreshments and of course, garden scenery.

Perry said she enjoyed herself.

"I think a lot of people were just delighted they kind of happened on this site. They came in and it was a lovely surprise for them."

Perry loves to welcome people to the public property, she said.

"It shows the Island hospitality and they appreciate it and I appreciate people coming."

The music was "wonderful," Perry said, as was the weather.

"The weather was perfect. There was the nicest breeze coming off the water."

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