Apartment building evacuated, three people treated after carbon monoxide leak in KC

Three people were treated after a carbon monoxide exposure at an apartment building in Kansas City Sunday night.

Fire crews responded just before 9:30 p.m. to an apartment building at 10450 Wornall Road, according to Michael Hopkins a spokesman for the Kansas City Fire Department.

Crews found three people showing symptoms of carbon monoxide exposure, and measured 1400 parts per million of carbon monoxide.

The building was evacuated, and the patients were taken to a hospital to be evaluated and treated.

A faulty boiler in the building’s basement caused the carbon monoxide leak, Hopkins said. Spire shut down the boiler, and fire crews aired out the structure with fans.

Residents were allowed back in the building once there was no measurable carbon monoxide remaining.

Hopkins had no further updates on the conditions of the three people who were treated.