'I'm the craziest superfan there is': Oilers fan turns SUV into 'Orange Storm'

'I'm the craziest superfan there is': Oilers fan turns SUV into 'Orange Storm'

When the Edmonton Oilers commanded their fans to paint the town orange, Blair Gladue took the marching orders seriously.

The self-professed fanatic hand painted his Ford Escape SUV in a heavy varnish of bright orange — a crude paint job he's not sure will ever wash off.

"It's all orange. They wanted us to go orange so I just went all oranged out. I double-coated it yesterday," Gladue said in an interview with CBC Radio's Edmonton AM. "I'm the craziest superfan there is."

'The team is going to light it up'

Gladue finished decorating his car Tuesday, in time for the Oilers to kick off the 2017 NHL playoffs at home against the San Jose Sharks.

It's a masterpiece only an Oilers fan could appreciate.

The once burgundy ride is now crusted with paint. Four flags decorate the roof. Decals have been plastered across the windows, and Gladue promises that if you pass it on the street, it will "look like an orange storm coming at you.

"Words can't explain how excited I am. I can't wait to dress up and go right out for the game," Gladue said. 

"The team is going to light it up. The team is going to be on fire."

It would be fair to say Gladue is obsessed with the team. He watches every game and hand-crafts a new sign from Bristol board every time he can make it into the stands.

He even credits the team for the love of his life.

'The days of darkness are over now'

Gladue and his wife hit it off after a night of karaoke years ago. They struck up a three-hour conversation about the Oilers and discovered their mutual obsession.

But even she has her limits. Painting their SUV came close to the line, he said.

"My wife thinks I'm crazy because all she ever hears from me for the past four years is, 'Oilers, Oilers, Oilers' and here we are, going to the Stanley Cup playoffs," Gladue said. 

"She kind of thinks I go a little overboard. Those are her exact words."

He's already taken his Oilers rig out for its maiden voyage around town, driving from the north end to south and back again before Wednesday's game.

And when the Oilers win, he will be taking it for another victory lap.

"The Oilers making the playoffs are more than any fan could ask for," he said. 

"The last 10 years were called the days of the darkness, but the days of darkness are over now and we are so happy."