'It's pretty frustrating': Winnipegger irked by property damage from snow clearing

Time to change snow-clearing policy, snow plow association says

Now the snow has melted, people living in Transcona are sizing up the property damage left by city snow clearing crews.

Jesse Green, a resident of the area, said every year requires some clean up but this year the damage to his yard is extensive.

"We've been here for three years and have never seen it like this," Green said. "As a taxpaying resident, it's pretty frustrating to find your front yard all dug up like this."

Last year he poured a new cement pad and laid down fresh sod but now a large swath of it has been ripped up.

Down his street, parts of sidewalks have lifted out of the ground, screws and other sharp objects are also sticking out of the ground, he said.

"It's a real hazard for children and pets and for anybody," Green said. 

He placed numerous calls to 311 to report the damage but has yet to hear back. He said he will likely end up fixing it himself. 

In an email to CBC News, a city spokesperson said damage to lawns and boulevards from snow removal operations is not uncommon.

The city contracts out its snow removal services and it said the onus is on the contractor to repair any damage.

If you have damage to your lawn you can report it to the city by call 311.