'We're really thrilled': Urgent fundraising campaign for Alberta Theatre Projects exceeds goal

The show will go on at Alberta Theatre Projects.

A financial crisis forced the 45-year-old Calgary theatre company to launch an urgent fundraising campaign in March, following a 77 per cent drop in corporate sponsorships because of the economic downturn.

At the time, ATP said the future of the company was in jeopardy if it didn't come up with $200,000 in new donations by May 1.

A day after that deadline, ATP's executive director Vicki Stroich said the organization exceeded their goal and raised about $250,000.

"We're really thrilled, and we're a bit overwhelmed by the wonderful support that people gave us," Stroich said.

Stroich said 90 per cent of the money raised was from individual donors.

"People responded so deeply and personally to our appeal, and I want to just say that it means a lot and it takes a village, it takes a city, and we got donations from across Canada as well from people who've been affected by our work," she said.

'People care'

The money raised, along with a one-time $200,000 grant from the Calgary Foundation, will allow ATP to start planning for its 2018-19 season.

Stroich said in addition to the donations that poured in during the campaign, the theatre company also heard from people about what ATP means to them.

"What we've really learned from the wonderful feedback we got through the campaign is that people care and are curious about our work," Stroich said.

"And they care not just about Alberta Theatre Projects, but about the role of arts and culture in Calgary and the value of what we do as community builders, and we of course want to embrace that fully and steward the resources that people have given us to mean even more to the community in the future."

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