'Attentive' neighbour catches thieves ransacking Edmonton home

This story may have you thinking about your nosy neighbour in a whole new light.

Three thieves who police believe ransacked an Edmonton home have been arrested, thanks to the watchful eyes and quick wits of the woman who lives next door.

It all began early Wednesday when southeast division officers were called to a reported break-and-enter in the area of 19th Avenue and 33rd Street.

The "attentive" neighbour became suspicious when she heard a loud noise and noticed an unfamiliar vehicle parked in her neighbour's driveway, police said in a news release Friday.

When two strange men emerged from the house a short time later, the woman called 911 and quietly snapped photos of the suspects and their vehicle.

Wedding rings recovered

Thanks to her photos and surveillance footage from a neighbouring home, police were able to track down the suspect vehicle and follow it to an Edmonton pawn shop.

The suspects were pawning bags of jewelry that were stolen earlier that day, then they stole an unattended bicycle nearby, police said.

The suspects were apprehended during a traffic stop and most of the stolen goods were recovered, including an engagement ring and wedding band.

The three accused, two men and one woman between the ages of 25 and 41, are facing a series of stolen property charges. Police continue to investigate.