'Bachelor' fanatics are sending Becca Kufrin money for vacation and mozzarella sticks

Emily Rella

Longstanding host and frontman of 'The Bachelor', Chris Harrison, is often thought to be a man of empty promises every single season of ‘The Bachelor’ (as well as ‘The Bachelorette’) when he insists that the current season will be ‘the most dramatic season ever.’

But after Monday night’s absolutely brutal, emotionally-charged three-hour finale, it looks like Harrison may have been telling the truth after all — and the rest of 'Bachelor Nation' is in staunch agreement.

In case you’ve managed to avoid what nearly the entire country and internet seem to be obsessing over, last night finale showed bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. break off his engagement with his fiancé and winner of Season 22, Rebecca ‘Becca’ Kufrin, in pursuit of the runner-up Lauren Burnahm.

The nearly hour-long, unedited breakup scene was about as painful as being dumped by your fiancé for his ex on national television could be, and to say that Becca deserved a glass (or six) of wine would be a vast understatement.

Kufrin, a 29-year-old publicist from Minnesota, handled the situation with grace and class — and loyal ‘Bachelor’ fans were quick to commend her and condemn Luyendyk Jr. by offering Kufrin money for wine, chocolate, and anything that her heart desires via the popular money-sharing app Venmo.

Here were some of the best transactions fans made to Kufrin with the app:

Kufrin’s Venmo account (@RebeccaKufrin) was exploding with love from fans all over the country, offering donations, love, support and a few choice words for Luyendyk Jr.

One user captioned her transaction 'For wine, chocolate or a punching bag” while another wrote 'Here’s to the only one who should be making money off this train wreck.'

And some fans just didn’t even beat around the bush, one even captioning her payment as a 'tax deductible donation to the Arie Sucks Fund.'

Anyone know where we can donate to that?

But money aside, the outpouring of positive affirmation towards Kufrin amongst the captions on the app were worth more than any bottle of wine, one transaction in particular reading 'NEVER FORGET THAT YOU ARE A QUEEN.'

We will most certainly pop a cork to that!

Lauren Burnham of 'The Bachelor' Season 22: