'Beer yoga' helps Windsorites stretch while they sip

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'Beer yoga' helps Windsorites stretch while they sip

'Beer yoga' helps Windsorites stretch while they sip

It wouldn't seem like drinking beer and practising yoga have too much in common, but an event in Windsor has combined the two activities to start a popular fitness trend.

Last night's event took place on the floor of the Spitfire Pub. Participants rolled out their mats and bought their favourite beer before arching their back in the downward dog pose.

"It's a good time," said Toni Bruner, who led the yoga class."It's essentially a yoga class where we lead into different standard yoga poses but we take the time to stop and drink."

Windsor was introduced to Beer Yoga after Blue Pin Social, an event planner in the city, noticed a growing trend in Germany and New York. Windsor now hosts two classes a month, one at the Spitfire Pub and the other at the Manchester Pub, both classes normally sell out.

The first class started March of last year but Bruner said it's growing in popularity.

"Every time we announce it we have people signing within minutes to do our event," she said.

Bruner said there is now a steady flow of regulars and newcomers. The level of yoga is beginner level to attract new people so participants don't feel intimidated trying yoga out for the first time in a positive, familiar space.

That is what coaxed Aaron Bergeron out for the first time. With a pint in one hand and the other pointed up toward the ceiling, Bergeron said he would sign up again.

"It's fun, it's easy … This way you can come out and enjoy and experience it without really have to commit to the whole yoga thing," he said.

Each hour-long class is $15 which gets you a spot on the bar floor and a pint or bottle of your choice.