'My boyfriend's been shot!': Victim's girlfriend testifies about night of shooting

'My boyfriend's been shot!': Victim's girlfriend testifies about night of shooting

The woman who was with Bobby Martin the night he was fatally shot says he and Evan Polchies knew each other, and she gave Martin a knife to defend himself before the two men met outside Fredericton last January.

Martin, 34, died after being shot twice at a mobile home in Lincoln on Jan. 26.

Polchies, 31, is on trial this week for second-degree murder, one of two people charged in Martin's death.

Ballie Kinnear testified Friday for the Crown via video link on the fourth day of Polchies's trial.

She was waiting outside the mobile home at the time of the shooting. She told the court she heard shots being fired from inside the home not long after Martin entered.

He then came out of the trailer, hunched over.

"And he said, 'He shot me!,'" she told the court.

After that, Kinnear said, Martin got in their Dodge Charger and she drove away as fast as she could.

"He just kind of stopped breathing," she said. "I pulled over and didn't know if he was going to make it."

She said she didn't know the area well or where the nearest hospital was, so she pulled into the Knights Inn on Lincoln Road to try to get help.

"I started banging on doors, screaming 'Help me.' But no one was answering, so I ran back to the car to try and find Bobby's phone, when someone poked his head out and I told them to call 911," she said.

"He said, 'Why?' And I said, 'My boyfriend's been shot!'"

She also told the court she had given Martin a knife to take with him inside, "because I didn't feel right about this at all."

2 men knew each other

Joe-Anna Hachey, who is to be tried later for her alleged role in Martin's death, testified earlier that she asked Martin to come to the mobile home to bring her and Polchies drugs.

During cross-examination by defence lawyer TJ Burke, Kinnear said she and Martin had been together for about a year, and she didn't know he was selling drugs in Fredericton.

The pair had moved to the Fredericton area from Dawson Creek, B.C. 

She said Martin had received a call late at night and told her it was "an ex-hooker that he knew."

She also admitted that Martin and Polchies knew each other and had a history of fighting.

Photos shown to jury 

Earlier in the day, Rebecca Davidson, who lived in the mobile home where the shooting took place, testified that Hachey had called her on the night Martin was shot.

Davidson said Hachy was "hysterical and freaking out," and told her "Evan's killed someone."

Polchies then took over the phone call and told her everything was fine, Davidson said. 

The jury was shown photos from inside Davidson's home, showing a small hole in the kitchen floor and one in the hall that scattered plaster dust over the floor. 

Another photo showed a mop with a red stain. 

Davidson said her son found a gun on top of her cupboards months after the shooting happened. 

Hachey's own trial is set for April. She testified for the Crown earlier this week, saying she was in a back room of the mobile home when she heard the gunshots and heard Martin yell he had been shot in the groin.  

She also told the court she was not promised anything for her testimony.