'Come and help us': School closure recommendation angers MLA

Island Conservatives get their pick with Scheer

An MLA in eastern P.E.I. says his constituents are tired of working against government in their efforts to grow their communities.

A review of school infrastructure by the Public Schools Branch ended Monday night with a recommendation to close two schools: Georgetown Elementary and St. Jean Elementary in Charlottetown. The recommendation must be approved by cabinet.

"I'm angry," said Steven Myers, MLA for Georgetown-St. Peters and Opposition education critic.

"For six years since I've been elected I've talked to government about the Georgetown school, that we didn't want to go through what they put us through again. Government has continually stood up and flashed numbers in my face: 'But your population's going down.'"

Myers said government needs to do more to help rural communities, and closing a school is the opposite.

"Quit flashing numbers in my face and saying you're dying," he said.

"Come and help us.That's what we want. We want a partner in government. We don't want a foe."

Myers said Georgetown has been doing its part, keeping the rink and the Georgetown Playhouse open and beautifying the town.

Request for school expansions 'disappointing'

Green Party education critic Karla Bernard was surprised that the Public Schools Branch added discussion of expanding school infrastructure to a discussion that included closing schools.

The report recommends expanding infrastructure in Stratford and in the West Royalty area of Charlottetown.

"In light of everything that happened tonight, I found it almost disappointing that they threw that in when people are kind of mourning the loss of their own infrastructure, their buildings," said Bernard.

"They're more than that, but if you're going to look at bricks and mortar, you know, I think it's kind of unfortunate that they threw that in there."

Building new schools or expanding existing schools is a decision that would have to be made by government.

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