'Comical' fix for hospital doors: Mop heads stop leaks at St. Joe's

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'Comical' fix for hospital doors: Mop heads stop leaks at St. Joe's

'Comical' fix for hospital doors: Mop heads stop leaks at St. Joe's

An unsightly solution to leaky doors at St. Joseph's Hospital in Saint John — a barrier made of mop heads — caught the eye of a staff member, who says it's been in place for months, despite Horizon Health's claim it's temporary.

CBC News was informed last week that mop heads were being used to stop a draft at the aging hospital.

A staff member shared a photo of the doors, an emergency exit inside Stairwell 3, showing a bunch of mop heads at the base.

Horizon Health Network's communications department wouldn't allow an interview with the St. Joseph's administrator.

Preventive step

But in a written statement, Horizon spokesperson Stephanie Neilson said the mops were used by staff as a temporary solution "in anticipation of rain entering the building due to high winds."

She said the mops were removed Friday because they were no longer needed.

But according to a hospital staff member, that isn't true. CBC News has agreed to protect the identity of the staffer who fears retribution at work if he speaks out.

"They've been there since at least last year," he said, "or longer than that."

Turned up on cold day

The staff member said he first noticed the mop heads in the cold weather.

"I think they got put out at some point years ago and have just been left there."

"I just sort of thought it was a bit comical."

A second request for an interview, this time seeking clarification with St. Joseph's staff, was also declined by Horizon.

The staffer said the explanation for why the mops were placed there likely couldn't be disputed, but they weren't put there recently.

"I've seen them for over a year at least," he said.