'I could feel your kisses': Documents reveal alleged texts between teacher, girl

'I could feel your kisses': Documents reveal alleged texts between teacher, girl

A former student of a teacher facing sex charges in Nova Scotia's King's County reported their alleged intimate relationship to police after she heard David Benjamin Harrison was "grooming another youth," court documents reveal.

Harrison, 39, of Canaan, faces charges of sexual assault, sexual exploitation and luring a child between September 2013 and August 2015, when he taught at Northeast Kings Education Centre in Canning.

The student was 16 when her alleged relationship with Harrison began, according to court documents. The girl ended communication with Harrison when she became uncomfortable and left for university just before she turned 18.

She went to police in August after she heard rumours about Harrison's involvement with another young person. 

Nature of relationship

In a statement to New Minas RCMP, which is referenced in search warrant documents, the former student said she had received emails, text messages, letters and phone calls from Harrison stating "he was unhappy in his marriage and he had feelings for her." 

She told investigators they spent time together, held hands, touched intimately and kissed. It was when Harrison allegedly touched her vagina that the young woman became uncomfortable.

Officers obtained a search warrant to access Harrison's phone. The young woman voluntarily provided her cellphone to police to examine. She also disclosed email addresses and social media profiles used by Harrison during their relationship.

Text messages

The RCMP Technological Crime Unit recovered a number of text messages that ​corroborated the girl's allegations of an intimate relationship with Harrison, according to court documents.

The messages included romantic exchanges such as: 

  • "Now I'm thinking about the day I could feel your kisses hours afterward."
  • "Sweet dreams my love."
  • "So I'm snuggled under your blankets and you crawl next to me and put your chin on my chest. We smile at each other and I give you a slow and long kiss on the lips."

School co-operation

The investigating officer first contacted school officials Oct. 22, asking for access to Harrison's email. The regional director of the Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education co-operated with police, and Harrison was arrested nearly one month later on Nov. 20. 

Harrison is now on leave. He is due back in court Dec. 18

The conditions of his release include staying away from the victim, whose name is protected by a publication ban, and having no contact with anyone under the age of 18 besides family members.

None of the allegations has been tested in court.