'If The Earth Was Flat, Why Haven't The Cats Pushed Everything Off By Now?'

Lee Moran
Separated from our cellphones, standing under running water often allows people’s minds to run free.

The shower isn’t just a place to sing. Separated from our cellphones, standing under running water often allows people’s minds to run free.

Reddit has an entire “Shower Thoughts” subreddit dedicated to “the miniature epiphanies you have that highlight the oddities within the familiar.” In honor of those weird, wonderful and sometimes profound musings, here are 25 of the best posts from the last week:

If the Earth was flat, why haven't the cats pushed everything off by now? from Showerthoughts

Fleeing from police is like choosing the double or nothing option. from Showerthoughts

Watching three 1 hour long episodes of a tv show seems much less of a commitment than watching one 3 hour long movie. from Showerthoughts

What Elon Musk did validated every kid who has strapped a hot wheels car to a toy rocket from Showerthoughts

Teenagers drink alcohol to feel like older adults. Adults drink alcohol to feel like teenagers again. from Showerthoughts

"Send nudes, not nukes" is the "make love, not war" of this century from Showerthoughts

Someday there will be a Google Doodle celebrating Elon Musk's 100-and-something birthday from Showerthoughts

You only live 2 incomplete days in all your life from Showerthoughts

Saying a movie has a "twist ending" is still a spoiler. from Showerthoughts

July and Julie each look like how the other should sound. from Showerthoughts

A candle is a pet fire from Showerthoughts

Its water under the bridge because you are over it. from Showerthoughts

Prince Charles is nearly 5 years older than the UK men’s retirement age, and he’s not even started the job he was born to do. from Showerthoughts

Cavemen, from birth to death, never had to know what it felt like to hold a pee in for an uncomfortable amount of time. from Showerthoughts

People don't want to buy a drill, they want to buy a hole. from Showerthoughts

One day we’ll have archeologists for the internet, just like the earth from Showerthoughts

The only difference between a bribe and a tip is timing from Showerthoughts

The centipede is the perfect creature nature made to terrify people combining two common fears of spiders and snakes into one. from Showerthoughts

Good Morning is a greeting but Good Night is a farewell even if you see a person for the first time at night. from Showerthoughts

Today is 2018. We are closer to 2030 than the year 2000. from Showerthoughts

Advertisements for reading glasses should be blurred slightly. from Showerthoughts

Justice is just a formal version of revenge. from Showerthoughts

Snow days are the next best thing to summer in school from Showerthoughts

If there is ever a documentary about the life of Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman should definitely narrate it. from Showerthoughts

Having your lock screen as your Significant other is is the new having a picture of her in your wallet. from Showerthoughts

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