Here's how to enable Fall Detection on the Apple Watch Series 4

Jake Krol

Listen, the Apple Watch Series 4 might have a larger display and a better processor, but the real news is fall detection.

Yep, there's a feature that notes when you've stumbled and checks in on your well-being. Important note: it's not on by default for those under 65. So in the event that your attempts to trigger it end up causing an injury, it won't help.

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With the feature turned on, the Apple Watch can detect a fall and ask if you're all right. It can even call emergency medical services and notify an emergency contract.

Here's how to turn on Fall Detection.

1. Open the Apple Watch App

Image: jake krol/mashable

Make sure the device has an Apple Watch Series 4 paired to it.

2. Select "Emergency SOS"


Scroll down a bit and tap "Emergency SOS."

3. Turn on Fall Detection


This page should have several options, including Fall Detection. Switch that on, and the feature will be enabled. It's quick to note that the Apple Watch will not detect all falls.

From there the Apple Watch will attempt to detect falls, trips, and slips. Like the other Emergency SOS features, this pulls the emergency contact from the Health app.

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