'Enjoyed a big breakfast': Banff washroom bear cubs arrive at Ontario wildlife sanctuary

'Enjoyed a big breakfast': Banff washroom bear cubs arrive at Ontario wildlife sanctuary

Three black bear cubs are now safe and sound after a cross-country journey to an Ontario wildlife sanctuary.

The three-month-old cubs were found locked inside an outdoor washroom just west of Banff on April 1 by a motorist.

Parks Canada said it was a mystery at the time.

"I have no idea how they came to be there," Sheila Luey, acting superintendent for the Banff field unit, said on April 7.

"We searched the area extensively for the first 36 hours after they were found and couldn't find any sign of the mother, nor could we find any sign of bear activity in the area."

Parks Canada conducted a search for a facility that could work with the cubs to eventually be released back into the park.

Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Rosseau, Ont., about 200 kilometres north of Toronto, met the criteria.

The cubs arrived at the sanctuary Saturday night, according to their Facebook post.

"They were met at the Toronto airport by our wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Sherri Cox of the National Wildlife Centre Canada, and Aspen Valley's Manager, Howard Smith," the post said.

"After an exam and feeding in Dr. Sherri's mobile vet clinic, they headed north to the sanctuary. The cubs tolerated their travel very well and enjoyed a big breakfast this morning."

A facility outside of Alberta was necessary because provincial law prevents local wildlife refuges from taking bears and releasing them back into the wild without special government permission.

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