'Epic' Bollywood film to premiere in Saskatchewan Thursday night

Movie lovers in both Regina and Saskatoon are in for a treat Thursday night when part two of India's highest-grossing film premieres in both cities.

Satish Kumar Ramakrishna and Praveen Chandrasekaran of Conch Cinemas Inc. were adamant about bringing Baahubali to the province

In 2015, when Ramakrishna's company got the rights to the first film and showed them in Saskatchewan, the feedback from audiences was overwhelming.

"No one ever expected it to break all the box office records for the Indian community here," he said.

With a budget of nearly $100 million and seven years of production, you have to at least be curious about how 'epic' the film must be. Ramakrishna said it's one of the biggest motion pictures ever produced in India, throughout the past 100 years of the film industry.

The movie will be shown in over 18 languages worldwide.

According to Ramakrishna, between 15,000 and 18,000 people in Saskatchewan share Indian ethnicity.  

"Even though they watch lots of Hollywood movies, their heart beats for Indian movies," he said. "This movie connects to all audiences — from five-year-old kids to 50-year-olds."

Many Canadians also worked on the project, especially on computer graphics.

"It's a massive, massive project and there were 60,000 to 80,000 people who literally worked on it."

The Indian film industry is the second largest in the world, but Ramakrishna said their movies are usually romance, action or drama.

This epic focuses on the real story of a king in south India, and Ramakrishna said it will transport audiences back 400 to 500 years ago.

He said viewing the film at Rainbow Cinemas adds even more to the experience because of the vintage vibes.

"It gives an old, epic look. I think that's why people love to go to Rainbow," he said.

Baahubali - The Conclusion premieres at the Rainbow Cinemas in both Saskatoon and Regina on Thursday evening.

The movie will feature English subtitles and has been rated for viewing by all ages.