'Everything is on the table': Regina Catholic School Board identifies 68 options after provincial cuts

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The Regina Catholic School Board says it isn't ruling out any options when it comes to dealing with a $1.5-million reduction in provincial funding.

On Tuesday night, the board will hold its first meeting since the province announced it would be cutting $22 million from the K-12 education system across Saskatchewan.

"I think it's unfortunate we're in this situation," board chair Donna Ziegler told CBC Radio's Morning Edition host Sheila Coles. "We are an efficient board, and we're very transparent."

At the meeting, the board identified 68 places where it could cut costs. That includes reallocating coaches and consultants into classrooms, as well as eliminating a superintendent position.

"It'll put them back into the front lines," Ziegler said. "Still having the supports there, but still keeping the professionals in the classroom."

One of the board's chief concerns is increasing the teacher-student ratio, packing children into crowded classrooms.

"Putting one teacher in a classroom with 30 kids is not acceptable," she said. "Children have a lot of different issues that require support."

Ziegler said the board is ready to look at every option, including working more closely with the public school system to save costs.

"Everything is on the table," she said. "We don't want to impact the classrooms. That was our goal."