'Your fears are justified': Environment Canada says April snow coming for Windsor, London

Snow and freezing rain expected in parts of northern N.B. overnight

Southwestern Ontario could see a dusting of April snow Friday evening with 2 cm forecast for Windsor and London.

While the thought of snow in spring may have some shivering in their boots, meteorologist Peter Kimbell said it's already coming down in northern Michigan.

"There is that white stuff not too far away," he said. "Your fears are justified."

It's not uncommon to see snow in April, according to Kimbell, but with temperatures expected to boomerang back to 7 C by Friday afternoon it might seem like the weather is playing a trick on people.

"A couple of centimetres really shouldn't come as too much of a shock. People aren't very happy with it, but it does occur," he explained. "It's not April Fools' Day but it certainly will feel like that."

Kimbell said the snowfall shouldn't cause too much trouble for drivers — wind will be the real issue as it's expected to blast through the region at 40-70 km/h overnight.