'Game stopped my heart a few times': Leafs fans have forgotten the stress of the playoffs

The Toronto Maple Leafs gave both their fans and the Washington Capitals a hard ride in their first playoff game in four years — with diehards suffering the stress of an overtime game and then the agony of a 3-2 loss. 

Goaltender Frederik Andersen shone for most of the game, making stellar saves that set Twitter ablaze. 

Mitch Marner needed just 95 seconds

Fans packed Maple Leaf Square as well, all of whom went wild as Mitch Marner scored the team's first goal in the first two minutes of the game. 

The Twitterverse lit up for Marner as well, but fans also acknowledged what it meant for all nine of the team's rookies hitting playoff ice for the first time. 

When the third period ended with a 2-2 tie, however, the stress level hit the roof. 

Although a few people celebrated the fact that the Leafs had made it as far as overtime.

Shake it off

Tom Wilson's winning goal provoked a collective wail of dismay, both in Maple Leaf Square and on social media. But after the agony subsided, fans tried to shake off the loss and celebrate the fact that their team was looking pretty good in advance of Game 2.