'It helps if you're quick to dodge the arrows': Archery tag comes to Calgary

The first "archery tag" facility has opened in the city, giving Calgarians an indoor space to play with bows and foam-tipped arrows.

For a fee, would-be Robin Hoods from ages seven to adult can shoot it out in protective gear, with a referee calling the shots and game modes such as "elimination" and "dog-eats-dog."

Staff give newcomers a few quick lessons to get started, but say cunning will always win the day.

"It helps if you're quick to dodge the arrows, but if you're crafty and can hide behind targets and just pick off people, then you might find yourself doing well in the game," said Kyle Fitzgerald, who is co-owner of Archery Games.

Archery has seen a resurgence since the Hunger Games books and movies came out, he said.

"A lot of people like to live out their fantasies and become Robin Hood or Lord of the Rings like Legolas, so this is like the real life version of that."

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