'Intolerable' blast from the past: Oilers fan wants new sound to replace goal horn

The unmistakable wail of the Oilers goal horn assaults Gordon Zawaski's eardrums every time the puck whips into the opposing net.

Instead of cheering, the long-time Oilers fan covers his ears in a futile attempt to muffle out the high-pitched horn blast.

While some fans may swear the goal horn at Rogers Place is the sweetest sound in the world, Zawaski is convinced his fellow Edmonton fans are also suffering from the aural assault. 


"If you want something that is boring, loud, heavy, uninspiring, uncreative noise, that's how I would describe it," Zawaski, 67, said in an interview Thursday with CBC Radio's Edmonton AM. 

Zawaski, a retired civil servant, has written the team multiple times complaining about the noise but never heard back. He wants fans to rise up in favour of a new siren song.

'Banal blare' 

In his words, "the current testeronic assault on our aural sense is excruciatingly intolerable."

The horn detracts from the overall fan experience and it should be silenced forever, Zawaski said. 

"We're approaching the new season with fresh faces, a fresh sheet of ice, so why not a fresh sound, instead of this irritating loud, excruciating banal blare that were forced to endure every time a goal is scored.

"I'm not sure which entity controls such decisions but if fans demand a change, it can happen." 

Take a listen to the Oilers goal horn interspersed with fan music: 

Zawaski is lobbying the team to enlist the help of local musicians, bands and orchestras to engineer a new victory song. He would like to see the Oilers Entertainment Group stage an Alberta-wide contest for a new fan song. 

For the record, Zawaski would prefer some brass notes over the current horn blast.

"It's our town, our town, our team and why can't we create a post-goal theme that is ours?" he said.

"I suggest that triumphant trombones and trumpets and maybe tubas would be more interesting, more  enjoyable and more inspiring than what we currently have."

Would you like to hear a new goal horn at Oilers games? Feel free to blast off in the comments section below. 

Older goal horn tweets offer a blast from the past: