'A little bit of everything' of wintry weather en route to Newfoundland

'A little bit of everything' of wintry weather en route to Newfoundland

It will be a classic Newfoundland spring this week, with a mix of wintry weather — including snow, ice pellets and freezing rain — on the way.

Most of the island is under a special weather statement, and Environment Canada expects it to start late Tuesday night on the southwest coast with a Wreckhouse wind warning, and move across the island overnight.

"Up through the west coast they're gonna have a wintry mix of snow, rain, little bit of freezing rain, ice pellets — a little bit of everything," said meteorologist Alex Kleminsky. "But it seems like the bulk of the precipitation in the areas of most concern are gonna be some parts of the south coast before it transitions over to rain."

By Wednesday morning the precipitation will more likely be ice pellets and freezing rain, Kleminsky said, but it's too early to tell how much accumulation to expect.

"It's really a coin toss at the moment," he told CBC's St. John's Morning Show.

And that's not all … 

Once that weather system winds down, there's a second round expected later this week, too.

Environment Canada's forecast said there will be a "brief lull" Wednesday night, before more precipitation hits Thursday into Friday.

"There's another system hot on the heels of the Tuesday night-Wednesday system and it's kind of a little more uncertain whether it's going to be passing further to the south of the island than the Tuesday night-Wednesday system," Kleminsky said. "And if that's the case then it might just bring some periods of snow or maybe even a little bit of rain, but perhaps even some ice pellets or freezing rain into the mix if it shifts one way or the other."

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