'A lot of work to do': Busy road ahead for construction season

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P.E.I. infrastructure aging faster than most of Canada's

P.E.I. infrastructure aging faster than most of Canada's

It's a sure sign that spring has arrived: bright orange cones lined up along the roadway, flag persons interrupting the daily commute and signs bearing those dreaded words, "Road Closed."

The construction season has already begun and the motorists in Charlottetown can expect delays as city crews get an early jump on what is shaping up to be a busy season.

"We got about a $4 million paving program going on this year," said Scott Adams, project coordinator with public works in Charlottetown. "So what you're seeing now are crews getting prepared for that. So, there's a lot of work that we have to do before the paving crew comes in."

'Worst streets will be done first'

That money will be used to repair and resurface at least 45 streets in the city, some in the downtown core and others where the work is needed the most.

"The worst streets will be done first, so that's what's happening," said Adams. "All the streets that received a low rating, that's where you're going to see crews working over the next few months."

Adams said water gets under the layers of asphalt through cracks and potholes and makes the asphalt flex during the freeze-thaw cycle, eventually causing it to give way.

'Some roads take a little longer'

One of the largest projects will be Mount Edward Road, between Belvedere Avenue and Allen Road., where nearly 900 metres of asphalt will be pulverized and replaced.  

The projects will potentially delay or detour motorists, but Adams said it's unavoidable.

"It's unfortunate some roads take a little longer than others just because there needs to be a little more prep work, but we hope the people of Charlottetown understand the work needs to be done and we're doing our best," he said. "We want to do it right, so we're going to be in there once and do it right the first time."

Adams added the city will also post any anticipated delays a day or so in advance on social media to advise motorists of the areas to avoid during construction. 

The construction is expected to last until the end of September.

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