'It makes me sick': Cabin owners fed up with lax garbage pick up, collector promises solution

'It makes me sick': Cabin owners fed up with lax garbage pick up, collector promises solution

Full time residents and cabin owners in Brigus Junction are up in arms about a new garbage collection strategy that's creating a mess of litter in the typically clean area.  

Close to 500 cabin and homeowners live in the region and over the past two years, they've been battling a $180 annual bill to have their garbage picked up. 

Ryan Edwards, who lives in the community year round, says that as of Jan. 1  the Eastern Regional Service Board promised to pick up garbage at a universal pickup zone.

But without a waste bin, the spot has turned into quite the eyesore.

"I'm up here living in what was a pristine environment and now to see all this garbage around everywhere, it makes me sick," said Edwards.

"There's no bin, there's trash everywhere being left on the ground, we haven't been notified as a cabin owner who's picking up the garbage or who's taking care of it.'

On Sunday evening the waste was collected, but no bin was installed, and much of the litter surrounding it remained. 

Trashed area only for 7 cabins

On Tuesday, Eastern Regional Service Board chair Ed Grant told the St. John's Morning Show that he is aware of the situation, and to address residents' concerns, garbage disposal bin will be installed at the site in question.

However, he wants to make it clear that the particular area is intended for only seven cabins located on roads that aren't plowed in the winter. Grant said all other cabins can have their trash picked up on Monday at the side of the road.

"The idea that it's for hundreds of people bringing it to a site, that's not the case," he said.

"We hear what people have said, we're going to make changes — but the vast majority of people, they still should put their garbage out as we would anywhere else and it will be picked up on the scheduled day."