Gas-and-dash murder trial hears victim suffered 33 injuries, including tire-shaped bruises

'He was going to get away over her dead body': Closing arguments made in gas-and-dash murder trial

From the bridge of her nose to a broken heel bone with dozens of black bruises in between, jurors in Joshua Mitchell's second-degree murder trial were shown photos of 33 injuries suffered by Maryam Rashidi after she was run over by a Ford F350 while trying to get its driver to pay for stolen gas.

Dr. Tera Jones, Calgary's assistant chief medical examiner, performed Rashidi's autopsy on June 11, 2015. She testified in Calgary on Monday at the second-degree murder trial of Joshua Mitchell, accused of purposefully driving over Rashidi as she chased the truck, which was also stolen.

Jones found Rashidi died from complications of multiple blunt force injuries, including a fractured skill, fractured vertebrae, a brain hemorrhage and a brain injury.

On photos of Rashidi's battered body displayed for the jurors, Jones pointed to patterned bruises that appeared to be tire marks. 

Rashidi's leg caught in wheel well 

It was just before 11 a.m. on June 7, 2015, when a burgundy Ford F350 drove away after filling up with gas from the Centex on 16th Avenue N.W.

Rashidi, 35, had recently been laid off — along with her husband — from her job as an engineer in Calgary's oil and gas industry, and was working just her fourth shift at the gas station

She ran after the truck and caught up with it as it sat in traffic on 16th Ave. Witnesses said she banged on the window before climbing on its hood.

The driver accelerated, swerved and then braked, according to witnesses. Rashidi's leg got caught in the wheel well and she was sucked under the truck which then drove over her.

Rashidi had the best possible team of good Samaritan passers-by at her side moments after she was mowed down — a doctor, nurse and firefighter who began to assess and treat her injuries. 

The doctor, Jillian Walsh, had just finished her first year of residency in internal medicine in June 2015 when she was heading to Home Depot with her boyfriend to pick up some gardening supplies.

"I heard a scream," said Walsh, at the trial on Monday. "I figured I should probably go over there and try to help."

She never once opened her eyes

Walsh said she ran over to the stranger who was lying in the middle of the road and began assessing Rashidi.

"She never once opened her eyes," said Walsh.

The 35-year-old mother and gas station attendant was unresponsive, her breaths were short and shallow and she had blood in her mouth, according to Walsh.

Rashidi was also suffering what Walsh believed to be a compound fracture, where a bone in her left leg appeared to have snapped and was pushing against the skin on her leg.

Earlier in the trial, one of the officers responsible for taking photographs of evidence introduced pictures of Rashidi's clothing that showed tire marks on her shirt and pants. 

Seven minutes after paramedics got the 911 call dispatching them to the scene, Tammy Lawrence and her partner arrived at Rashidi's side.

"I saw people on the sidewalk holding their head crying," said Lawrence.

Walsh gave a debrief to Lawrence and her partner then stepped aside.

Rashidi's eyes were swollen and she was unresponsive as Lawrence got her on a backboard before taking off for the hospital.

Two days later, Rashidi was taken off life support, leaving behind a husband and six-year-old son.

Key Crown witness Tuesday

Mitchell was arrested the same day Rashidi died and has been in custody ever since. 

On Tuesday, Crown prosecutors Jonathan Hak and James Thomas will call their final witness, Braydon Brown, the passenger who was in the truck during the fatal hit and run.

The trial is entering its second and final week. It's unknown if defence lawyer Kim Ross will call Mitchell to testify in his own defence.

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