'Six-Pack Mom' Sarah Stage shuts down trolls in epic Instagram

Julia Webb

Fitness blogger Sarah Stage just gave birth to her second baby, and while all she should be receiving are wishes of support and congratulations, some of her social media followers have been criticizing her postpartum wardrobe. Just one week after giving birth to her newborn son, Stage posted a selfie of herself posing in skinny jeans ​​​​​​, much to the critique of some of her followers.

Stage explains in her Instagram caption that her jeans help to keep her comfortable, and says that the haters can "kindly stfu if you're going to judge a woman who just gave birth on just her outfit." Stage goes on to ask, "Why can't we look and feel good whenever we want? Whether ur wearing make up or not... you're fabulous and it's really no ones business." Once again, Stage proves that a flawless Instagram doesn't always mean a flawless reality, and social media never tells the whole story.

Stage had previously faced a fair share of criticism during her pregnancy, clapping back at the "Instagram medical experts" who slammed her workout routine.

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