You've got male: Red Deer RCMP seek suspects in mailed genitalia mystery

A Red Deer man is fed up with whoever keeps sending him a male package in a mail package.

Every December for the past three years, the man has received "offensive material of a sexual nature" in his mailbox, RCMP say. 

"It's a wooden male penis," Staff Sgt. Damon Poole said.

Poole could not specify the length, width or weight of the timbered phallus. The suspects, a grey-haired man in a hoodie and a woman wearing a black sweater and hat, were caught on surveillance video on Dec. 8 mailing the package from a Red Deer grocery store post office.

Images provided by RCMP show the pair standing behind two cylindrical packages on the counter. 

Suspects not known to victim

Police say the victim does not recognize either of them, and has no idea why each winter brings with it a new penis sculpture in the mail.

RCMP suspect the man isn't the only one to have received the stick in a box.

"It appeared that they mailed numerous cylindrical mail packages that were similar to the one received by the complainant in this matter. So that's what would lead us to believe they'd mailed others," Poole said.

Repeatedly mailing this kind of item to someone falls under the Criminal Code definition of Criminal Harassment, RCMP say. Anyone with information about this is asked to contact them.

Poole says he has one guess for why someone might be doing this.

"My summation is it's just a practical joke that has carried on over the years, I guess," he said.

"I can't believe this is media-worthy."