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Worried about lost luggage? Apple Airtags and Tile tracking devices might be the solution

A tracker helped one woman find her luggage after holiday travel madness. It might help you, too. (Photo: Amazon)
A tracker helped one woman find her luggage after holiday travel madness. It might help you, too. (Photo: Amazon)

If you didn't travel over the holidays, consider yourself lucky. Major storms across the country snarled air traffic, grounded planes and delayed any plans revelers made. If travel was part of your holiday plans, you might still have a headache from all the chaos — especially if you checked your bags.

If you didn't make it to your destination, there's a good chance your suitcase didn't either, and sometimes getting it back isn't that simple. One woman packed an Apple Airtag in her bag during her holiday travels— and she watched it go on a wild ride. Through the tracker app, she saw that it went to a McDonald's, a shopping center and a random apartment complex. It wasn't until six days after she got home that her luggage was finally returned to her.

That woman is a savvy traveler — she bought the AirTag tracker specifically for that trip, and it practically paid for itself.


Apple AirTag

Never deal with lost luggage again! Shoppers say Apple AirTags are a “must-have while traveling,” as they let you know exactly where your bags are.
$29 at Amazon

If you're not familiar with Apple Airtags, they're tracking devices a little bigger than a fifty-cent piece. You can drop them in your purse or get special key rings to attach them to other items you might misplace. When you can't find it, you activate your app to track it. The tech is very sophisticated, which means you can see exactly where the tracker is. 78,000 shoppers have given it a five-star rating.

"I bought an AirTag holder for a cat collar, and I get to track where my cats are," shared one rave reviewer. "It helps me know when the cats are at the neighbors on the left of the house, right of the house, back or front or across the street so I know where to call them when I yell outside and they come running."

The Apple Airtag also comes in a 4-pack if you have several items you don't want to lose.

Of course, you don't have to get an Apple Airtag — Tile has been making tracking quality devices for a while. My husband is a devoted Android user and happens to misplace things all the time, so I got him a multi-pack of Tile trackers for Christmas. Let's just say these guys saved our holidays — for others afflicted with the same problem, it's saved more than just the holidays.

"Bought this for my BF who loses his keys every friggin' day," shared one of over 8,700 five-star fans. "Now, while I loved the daily goose chase, I can’t help but get annoyed at the simple fact that he’d literally lose his keys every day. Obviously, he’s not a fan of the key hook by the door; that would be too easy and make sense. So for now, I owe so much to this Tile…..for saving my relationship."


Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

$20$25Save $5
This Bluetooth tracker includes a lithium battery and uses a smartphone app to help you find items you frequently lose.
$20 at Amazon

The Tile Sticker is designed to attach to items on a semi-permanent basis. It's smaller than the Tile Mate to make it more discreet.

"I had my attorney draw up divorce papers because my wife could never put the TV remote back where it belongs," wrote a rave reviewer. "Sometimes the remote was under the couch cushions. Sometimes it was in a kitchen drawer. Sometimes, it would be upstairs! It drove me absolutely insane. But she decided to buy this Tile device for me one day, and it has saved our marriage. I haven’t felt that level of rage in a long time."


Tile Sticker Small Bluetooth Tracker

Smaller than a Tile Mate, you can stick this tracker on just about anything you misplace — from remote controls to your eyeglass case.
$27 at Amazon

Samsung also makes the SmartTag, which shoppers love — it's similar to the Tile Mate and has a spot to attach it to a keyring.

"Saved me from waiting 10 hours in line during the U.S. airline-flight-cancellation catastrophe of Holiday Season 2022," shared one rave reviewer. "I was able to know exactly where my precious ski gear was, take a nap, eat, and make preparations for my new way home while others waited. I was able to leave the airport, find a hotel for the night, and make bus-train arrangements for the next morning."


Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Powered by Bluetooth Samsung SmartTags can be used with you phone or any internet browser to track down everything from lost luggage to the family pet.
$23 at Amazon

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