Apple's 'TV' app to expand to more countries, add live sports features

Sarah Perez

Alongside the introduction of the new 4K and HDR ready Apple TV, the company today also announced that it's bringing its "TV" app to more countries outside the U.S. The TV app, which works on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad, arrived late last year as a more centralized resource for finding things to watch, including video from across TV networks' apps, select streaming services, and of course, Apple's own iTunes.

Today, the TV app supports over 60 services on Apple TV and iOS devices, but that number will increase soon.

The app was first introduced in the U.S., but is now heading to seven more countries worldwide, starting with Canada and Australia, which will receive the app later this month. Meanwhile, a handful of other countries, including France, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK, will receive the TV app by year-end, said Apple's Eddy Cue at the iPhone 8 press conference today.

Of course, with its expansion outside the U.S, the TV app will need to expand its content sources as well. Cue noted this briefly, showing a slide of the various non-U.S. service that TV app will soon support in the various geographic regions, like, CBC, FXNow Canada, Sky Ticket, and several others. It's adding the educational-focused streaming service, Curiosity Stream, too.

However, the more exciting news in terms of TV app is the update that will bring a new experience for sports viewers.

Later this year, the TV will make it easier for those who are interested in getting updates about their favorite teams to do so just by asking Siri. For example, you can say things like, “Watch the Warriors game” or “What’s the score of the Cubs game?,” Apple suggests.

In the U.S., fans can use the TV app to track their favorite teams and get notifications about when they're playing through a dedicated Sports tab. This will also include other information about the teams, leagues, and various events.