Apple, China battery makers talks stall - sources

Talks between Apple and two Chinese battery making companies over the tech giant's planned electric vehicle have largely stalled.

That's according to Reuters sources, who say CATL and BYD were refusing to set up teams and build U.S. plants that would soley cater to the U.S. company.

CATL is the world's top maker of batteries for EVs, dominating production of lithium iron phosphate batteries which are cheaper.

It has been reluctant to build a U.S. factory due to political tensions between Washington and Beijing.

Meanwhile, BYD already has a battery plant in Lancaster, California, and declined to build another one solely devoted to Apple.

According to the sources, Apple was informed of the firms' reluctance within the last two months.

The stalled discussions have meant that Apple has been considering Japanese battery makers.

Panasonic is said to be one of the companies being considered.

However, time is ticking in the electric vehicle race.

U.S. President Joe Biden has set a target of having half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 be electric.

Sources told Reuters last year Apple was aiming to launch its offering by 2024.

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