Apple (and Messi) offering a monthlong trial of MLS Season Pass

MLS Season Pass on Apple TV.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

If you’re a soccer fan who hasn’t yet taken advantage of MLS Season Pass on Apple TV, now’s the time. Apple — and Lionel Messi — are offering a free one-month trial to the service that gets you every MLS game this season and then some. There are no blackouts, no out-of-market messes, just every minute of every game.

The deal takes you to (and through) Messi’s Instagram account, where you’ll do the ol’ link in bio trick. Which, conveniently, takes you to this link.

MLS Season Pass is in its second season on Apple TV. (As in the Apple TV app, not the Apple TV hardware.) Games are streamed in 1080p at 60 frames per second, which is just fine. And just like the 2023 campaign, Apple has done an excellent job of presenting the beautiful game in North America.

In addition to the games themselves, MLS Season Pass is also full of highlights and replays, the MLS 360 wraparound show, and it’s got all the stats on your favorite MLS team. (Including those without Messi on their roster.)

There’s a tiny bit of fine print here — you have until April 5 to take advantage of this offer.

MLS Season Pass costs $13 a month or $80 for the full season if you also subscribe to Apple TV+, which is home to exclusive movies and series, like Ted Lasso, Master of the Air, and Constellation. If you’re not an Apple TV+ subscriber, MLS Season Pass will run $15 a month or $99 for the full season. And we’ll likely see a second-half discount once we get through the all-star break.

The Apple TV app is available on pretty much any modern streaming platform, from Roku and Amazon Fire TV to Android TV and Google TV — and, of course, Apple devices. It’s also available to watch in a web browser.