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Apple TV+ subscribers will get early access to the company's latest original podcast

Subscribers will access all eight episodes on July 1, while everyone else gets new episodes every week.

Apple will release its first premium podcast with early access available to Apple TV+ subscribers. The company made the announcement in a press release today that its first dual-language podcast, My Divo, will be the first podcast tied to an Apple TV+ subscription.

All eight episodes of My Divo will be available in English and Spanish for Apple TV+ subscribers when they connect their subscriptions to Apple Podcasts starting July 1. Non-subscribers will listen to new episodes every week. However, they will get access to the first two episodes on launch day. Apple indicated that My Divo will serve as an example of its new business model for podcast distribution going forward, saying that “all upcoming Apple TV+ podcasts will also be made available in full to subscribers.”

My Divo is a podcast about Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, also known as El Divo de Juárez (hence the title), hosted by award-winning journalist Maria Garcia as she tries to reconcile her identity with the legacy of the flamboyant Latino performer. She reexamines similarities within their Mexican heritage, including their sexualities and their upbringing in Ciudad Juárez.

Apple releasing a podcast behind an Apple TV+ paywall is similar to its plan of producing companion podcasts to Apple TV+ shows, which happened shortly after the launch of the streaming service four years ago. My Divo is the first Apple podcast not tied to an Apple TV+ show of the same name.