Apple's second-generation AirPods are back on sale for $100

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Despite the addition of the third-generation AirPods to Apple's earbud lineup, the second-gen versions remain a decent option for those that liked the fit of the company's old-school EarPods. They've also become a budget-friendly option this holiday shopping season as we've seen the second-gen AirPods go on sale a few times. Now you can pick them up for only $100, which is roughly $60 off their normal price. While they were on sale for $89 last month for a brief period of time, this remains one of the best prices we've seen.

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You probably know the drill about AirPods by now, but we'll provide a refresher. These are the "classic" style AirPods that made Apple's earbuds some of the most popular in the wireless audio space. Their kicker is the H1 chipset inside that allows them to quickly pair and switch between Apple devices. Not only do they connect to your iPhone in seconds, but they can also switch to, say, your MacBook while you watch a YouTube video pretty seamlessly.

The EarPods-like design of these buds will be great for some, but a bit cumbersome for others. That's one of the improvements Apple made with its third-gen earbuds, but those come in at $179. The second-gen models have decent sound quality and a good battery life, too — you'll get around five hours of use before they need more power, and you can get more than 24 hours of total listening time after a few recharges with the included case. Overall, they may not have some of the newer bells and whistles you'll find on the latest AirPods, but these make a good pair of wireless earbuds for Apple users on a budget.

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