April snowflakes bring cold puddles, sloppy Saturday

More spring snowstorms on the way for southern Manitoba

No, you weren't dreaming — it is supposed to be spring. 

But Winnipeg was blanketed by giant, loose snowflakes Saturday morning after a brief early-morning rain.

"I think even we were a bit surprised by how much snow we did get in that changeover," said Rob Paola, a meteorologist with Environment Canada.

"We did get about five centimetres of quick accumulation this morning in the Winnipeg area, so it was coming down pretty good there for two or three hours this morning," he said.

The wet snow is supposed to end this afternoon, but it will remain cloudy with a low of –4 C this evening. 

CBC meterologist John Sauder's forecast calls for the sun to peek through a few times on Sunday. It will go from around –3 C to 5 C Sunday afternoon. 

Paola expects Saturday's snow to be gone by Sunday afternoon.

The snow could return Monday, but we may also see showers. Any snow that does fall should melt quickly as the forecast temperature rises from –1 C in the morning to 6 C in the afternoon.

The mercury will make a slow but steady rise over the course of the week but won't hit double digits until next Friday. 

The forecast calls for a high of 6 C Tuesday with a mix of sun and cloud, then sunny skies with a high of 8 C Wednesday, 9 C Thursday, and 10 C Friday.

"Yeah, not the greatest end to April after such a beautiful first half," Paola said.

"It's a bit of cool finish, cool and snowy finish to April after a nice mild and spring-like start."