Arby's Has a New Meal Inspired by “Good Burger 2 ”Ahead of the Movie's Release

Arby's 'Good Burger 2' Meal consists of a wagyu burger, strawberry milkshake and French fries



Arby's Reveals New Meal Inspired by 'Good Burger 2'

Can Arby's take your order?

In honor of the upcoming sequel to Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell's 1997 original fast-food themed comedy Good Burger, Arby's will serve a limited-time Good Burger 2 meal.

The movie-inspired meal is debuting on Nov. 13 and features Arby’s deluxe wagyu steakhouse burger, a new strawberry shake and crinkle-cut French fries. The special combo is only available for a limited time.

The meal takes inspiration from the iconic Good Burger and strawberry Good Shakes that Thompson and Mitchell's characters sold in the ‘90s movie.

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Arby’s also revealed a special merch collection in celebration of Good Burger 2, which debuts on Paramount+ on Nov. 22. Fans can choose between a gray crewneck sweatshirt and black t-shirt, both with designs inspired by Good Burger 2 and Arby's.

The full trailer for Good Burger 2 debuted on Oct. 30, showcasing the reunited costars as their characters Dexter and Ed for the reprisal.

Dexter (Thompson) returns to work at Good Burger and is met with some of Ed's (Mitchell) classic antics. When the best friends visit Good Burger's corporate headquarters, they meet villainous executives (Jillian Bell and Lil Rel Howery) who plan to expand the company worldwide and fire the entire staff.

<p>Vanessa Clifton/Nickelodeon/Paramount+</p> Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchel Reprise Their Roles in 'Good Burger 2'

Vanessa Clifton/Nickelodeon/Paramount+

Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchel Reprise Their Roles in 'Good Burger 2'

Instead of hiring new workers, the new Good Burger builds robots that look and talk like Dexter and Ed, paving the way for them to go on a mission to save their beloved restaurant.

Good Burger stems from the Mitchell-led sketch of the same name in the '90s Nickelodeon comedy series All That, where his character Ed — a lovable and well-meaning yet admittedly dim-witted employee at the fast-food joint — was often seen unintentionally terrorizing various characters, played by Thompson and others.

Thompson and Mitchell confirmed the sequel news on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in March, and were later spotted filming in May.

Good Burger 2 streams on Paramount+ Nov. 22.

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