Arctic ice is receding 'more quickly than ever'

Ice in the Arctic is receding ‘more quickly than ever’

says the German researcher who led the largest Arctic expedition to date

Courtesy: Alfred Wegener Institute

The 'Polarstern' icebreaker headed towards the central Arctic in 2019

where it froze in the ice

and began a year-long drift over the polar ice cap


"During the Mosaic expedition, the ice in the spring of 2020 receded more quickly than ever before on record. The expansion of the ice was only about half as large in the summer than decades ago and only about half as thick as during the times of (Norwegian explorer) Nansen and his expedition with 'Fram' a wooden sailboat almost 130 years ago. During the winter of the Mosaic expedition, we measured 10 degrees Celsius more almost throughout than did Fridtjof Nansen during his 'Fram' expedition."

In total, 442 researchers, crew members, teachers, and journalists

were involved in the five stages of the expedition

Source: Alfred Wegener Institute