Ariana Grande can't stop crying during first live 'Voice' results show

As 20 artists went down to just 13 on The Voice Tuesday night, first time coach Ariana Grande was having a hard time with the eliminations. In fact, Ariana's eyes began to water before host Carson Daly even revealed who America saved from her team.

From Team Ariana, America saved father-son duo Jim and Sasha Allen and Holly Forbes. So, when it came down to Bella DeNapoli, Raquel Trinidad and Ryleigh Plank, that's when Ariana realized the tough decision she was going to have to make.

“I don't know how this possibly could have happened,” gasped Ariana, audibly, dramatically choking back sobs. “I just… I mean, everyone is equally, I don't have any idea what to say. You all are so brilliant, and the most incredible vocalists and human beings I've had the privilege of getting to know and work with. I will be here as a friend and a mentor if you want. I'm a Facetime away everyday forever. I love you all so much and respect you forever. Oh my God, this is hell! I love you so, so, so, so much.”

Ultimately, Ariana ended up saving Ryleigh and, later in the show, it was revealed that Bella would perform in the wildcard instant save. Meanwhile, Ariana crying caused Arianators on Twitter to also cry Tuesday.

However, in the end, Ariana had no tears left to cry when she said goodbye to Bella, as Team Kelly's 14-year-old artist Hailey Mia, the youngest in the competition, secured the final spot in the Top 13.

"I just love you so much," Ariana told Bella. "Getting to know you, and work with you, throughout this process has been such an incredible gift. Your sense of artistry is just so sharp. You know so clearly who you are, and you put that into every performance. That's something you can't teach, you know? Labels can't develop that. That's something that has to come from the person and the artist and that is something that you have other than having a phenomenal gift of a voice. I just cherish these moments together, and I love you and this has been such an honor. Like Blake said, let's sing together, please. Like he said, I'll put you in a venue. I don't know which one, but I'll call one, I'll find one."

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