Ariana Grande 'choked up' by 'Voice' contestant's stunning blind audition

Night three of the blind auditions on The Voice Monday night ended with 30-year-old contestant Holly Forbes, who stunned with her rendition of Elton John's "Rocketman" and, ultimately, became one of this season's four-chair turns. Forbes's performance also caused Ariana Grande to use her one and only block on John Legend, who had used his block against her, and Legend congratulated the new coach by saying, "You did it!"

Forbes, who is a mother of two, as well as a caregiver for patients with autism, began having seizures at the age of 11 and, subsequently, lost her hair due to the medication. "For a kid, it's not easy being bald. At that time, I would always just listen to music on repeat in my room, singing, and it just kind of boosted my confidence," shared Forbes. However, on Monday, Forbes didn't just move viewers with her backstory, she also moved them with her performance.

"That was so incredibly moving," said Grande, "I am, like, choked up beyond. Every single second of it was so emotionally charged. I respect and admire and would love to work with you. Oh, thank you. And I'm the last one to use my block, and I made it by a millisecond, and I'm so happy!"

While Blake Shelton made a valiant effort to persuade Forbes to join Team Blake, when he argued against the fact that Forbes's daughter Violet is a huge Ariana Grande fan, by saying, "In reference to your, I'm certain, beautiful daughter that loves Ariana, I'll just remind you that some children love too much sugar, or some kids may like playing with fire. You know, it's not necessarily the best thing," with Legend out of the running, it'll most likely come down to Team Kelly Clarkson or Team Ariana. Unfortunately, The Voice left us on a cliffhanger, and we won't find out until Tuesday.

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