Ariana Grande's secret weapon on 'The Voice' has Twitter crying laughing

Not since Miley Cyrus joined The Voice in 2016 have viewers and, specifically, social media been so excited for a new Voice coach.

During the Season 21 premiere Monday night, Ariana Grande made her highly-anticipated debut and simultaneously had returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend feeling very threatened.

"Ariana, she is taking over these blind auditions," said Shelton, who added, " You can tell she's been a fan of the show for a long time. She's incredibly sneaky." However, the best part of the night was, hands down, Ariana's secret weapon – a "Thank U, Next" button.

Kelly thought it was the greatest thing ever, and so did viewers, who took to Twitter laughing so hard. One fan tweeted: "THEY PUT THANK U NEXT ON HER BUTTON OH MY GOD THIS SHOW IS NEXT LEVEL" (@KRwedone)

Ariana got serious as well, though, as she came to play... and win.

"I know that I'm new here, and you guys don't know me as a coach yet, but I want to guide you in this competition," said Grande to one contestant. "I want to help you sing the right songs. I want to answer any questions that you have regarding my experiences and help you get to where you want to go as an artist. I want to help you get to the healthiest place with your instrument that you've ever been in in your life. I want to help you become one of the biggest artists you can be. I want to help you win this thing and then have a career, and I want to be here to do the real work."

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