Ariana Madix Has Never Looked Better Than She Did During Her Love Island Debut

Peacock/Getty Images

Revenge dress moment, step aside. Ariana Madix, the new host of Love Island USA, wore a drippy gold gown during her premiere episode that put her previous looks to shame.

It’s a mermaid-y dress from buzzy brand Di Pesta, known for its “wet look” creations that cling to the skin. The gowns are made to order, and it looks like the gold was a custom fabric, but if you want a pink version of the “Venus” style, which Madix is wearing, it’ll run you $5,897, including the crystals and chains.

For her first episode as host of the reality dating show, Madix wore gold and diamond jewelry and styled her hair into beachy waves, really leaning in to the “island” aesthetic.

<h1 class="title">Love Island USA - Season 6</h1><cite class="credit">Peacock</cite>

Love Island USA - Season 6


Much like Zendaya on the Challengers press tour, Ariana Madix is sticking to the theme. In addition to the golden water sprite look, she also posed for press photos in a white crochet gown with a starfish front and center. She understands the assignment.

She’s probably so prepared because this was technically not her Love Island USA debut; she made a guest appearance last July in a glittery aqua blue dress from Cult Gaia that’s available for $845 on Revolve.

Madix has been thriving ever since her highly publicized split from Tom Sandoval. She’s performed on Broadway, got a new boyfriend, and a bunch of new business opportunities, from sponsorships to appearances to Something About Her, the new sandwich shop she just opened with Katie Maloney. And if you have a problem with that?

“There’s no one here about to bail me out. I don’t have rich parents. I don’t have an inheritance from anybody who’s passed,” Madix said of her work ethic and new opportunities. “I’m not in a position to say no right now, because I have to make myself financially stable from now until kingdom come.”

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