Armed Forces destroy Russian headquarters, inflict significant losses on invaders – Luhansk governor

Luhansk Oblast
Luhansk Oblast

The Russian invaders’ personnel and officers were killed in the temporarily occupied Luhansk suburbs, namely in the village of Yuvileyne, Luhansk Governor, Artem Lysohor, said in an interview with Espreso TV channel.

There was Internal Affairs Ministry academy until 2014, where police officers were trained, but then the Russians deployed their security forces there, including special ones.

"They preferred this site to accommodate their officers and establish their headquarters,” Lysohor said.

“We have information that the hit was very good, the enemy suffered significant losses.”

Information emerges that the Russians change into civilian clothes to move and transfer their troops, he added.

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The enemy is stockpiling fuel and lubricants in Luhansk Oblast, three such warehouses have already been destroyed in the last two weeks.

A fuel and lubricant storage facility in occupied Dovzhansk, Luhansk Oblast, was on fire after a presumed Ukrainian missile strike, Russian sources reported on May 20.

Explosions rang out in Luhansk earlier that day. Local media reported the alleged attack on the Luhansk Internal Affairs Academy, where the Russians are based.

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