Armenia's Foreign Minister: NATO membership not on agenda

Ararat Mirzoyan
Ararat Mirzoyan

Armenia cooperates with NATO, but the possibility of joining the Alliance "is not on the agenda today," Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan said in an interview with Todo Noticias on March 31.

"We already cooperate with NATO, we participate in peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan, we have increased our presence in Kosovo, this is a form of cooperation too," Mirzoyan said about Armenia's possible rapprochement with NATO.

"If you mean the intention to join NATO, then no, this is not on Armenia's agenda today."

At the same time, the Armenian FM noted that his country does have "European aspirations."

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"In the case of the EU, I can say that Armenians do have European aspirations, and I would like to quote the words of the Prime Minister, which he said recently during his speech in the European Parliament," he added.

"He said that 'Armenia is ready to move closer to the EU as much as the EU considers it possible' and is ready to move closer to Armenia."

Armenian FM said that Armenia is considering applying for membership in the European Union because of tensions with Russia on March 8.

Media reported that Armenia could apply for EU membership by the fall on March 5.

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In addition, the Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia, Alen Simonyan, said that country should consider becoming a candidate for EU membership.

European Parliament in Strasbourg discussed strengthening the EU's ties with Armenia on Feb. 27. In particular, European Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainen, who participated in the debate, called it a "historic moment."

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Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan promised to legally freeze his country's participation in the CSTO on Feb. 28. According to him, the organization, instead of fulfilling its obligations to Armenia, is creating security problems for the country.

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