Under Armour plans to drop free Curry 4s from drones in Bay Area

Steph Curry’s new shoes are getting an elaborate marketing campaign. (AP)

How do you follow up some of the most widely mocked shoe releases in sneaker history?

By flying drones around the Bay Area dropping 30 pairs of free shoes autographed by Steph Curry, evidently.

Under Armour plans to drop free pairs of autographed Curry 4s from the sky.

That’s apparently Under Armour’s plan. The apparel company posted the above photo on Instagram touting the Curry 4 drone drop starting at 10 a.m. Saturday in the Bay Area. “Find the spot. Get the shoes,” an Instagram video touts.

Nice Kicks has details of what looks like an elaborate viral marketing campaign that requires shoe hunters to follow Under Armour on Instagram to participate in a virtual scavenger hunt that will reward savvy hunters with a QR code that leads them to details where they can find said autographed sneakers that will fall from the sky from drones.

Nothing can go wrong here, right?

This looks like a desperate, ill-conceived reaction to the infamously derisive reception to the Curry 2s and moderately less mocked Curry 3s in an attempt to raise the cool factor of a struggling brand.

We’re assuming that Under Armour executives have seen annual videos of Black Friday shoppers trampling each other and read stories of people being attacked and killed in the streets for sneakers and have taken all the necessary security measures for how these drops will actually go down.

Let’s hope so.