Armouries building sold by Brockton

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BROCKTON – In a brief interview prior to the special meeting of council Tuesday, July 19, regarding the historic armouries building, Mayor Chris Peabody said three offers to purchase the building were being considered.

He noted the buyer will have to replace windows and doors in a style that’s in keeping with the building’s heritage status. The water, electrical system and furnace also need replacement.

Peabody said he’d like to see a decision made – and within 15 minutes, there was. The building is being sold as a home office, subject to rezoning. This use is compatible with the area.

MZO still on mayor’s radar

One issue that’s still very much at the top of the mayor’s agenda is the Minister’s Zoning Order (MZO) request for the East Ridge Business Park area. What’s proposed includes hundreds of new housing units in a variety of types, from single family dwellings to apartment buildings – housing that’s urgently needed if Walkerton is to continue its present pattern of growth.

Brockton’s need for additional residential units was not supported by initial reports for Bruce County’s new Official Plan, but recent reports at the county level have acknowledged the need for growth in both Walkerton and Brockton’s hamlets.

Peabody said hopes to have the MZO in place prior to the provincial election were not realized. However, progress continues to be made. Staff continue to talk with ministerial staff, while the mayor is speaking with MPP Lisa Thompson.

“All signals have been positive,” said Peabody. He explained the election interfered with the MZO – first, a period of time prior to the election when no decision could be made, then the election itself, followed by appointing a new cabinet and getting the new government up to speed.

Looking forward to Streetfest

This Friday is Walkerton Streetfest, and Peabody said he’s looking forward to the celebration.

It’s designed to get people downtown, for shopping, dining and family-friendly fun – something for everyone.

Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times

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