Around 50 North Korean ballistic missiles used in Russian attacks on Ukraine — report

North Korea launches KN-24 (Hwasongpho-11Na) ballistic missile
North Korea launches KN-24 (Hwasongpho-11Na) ballistic missile

Russia has launched approximately 50 North Korean Hwasong-11 ballistic missiles across six Ukrainian regions, Ukrainian law enforcement reported on March 14.

Ukrainian defense news outlet ArmyInfrom cited Oleksandr Filchakov of Kharkiv Prosecutor's Office.

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Filchakov described the Hwasong-11 as a "very low quality" missiles, noting it has an inferior guidance system and a range of up to 700 kilometers, compared with the Russian Iskander missile's 250-kilometer range. According to the report, there have been numerous instances of these missiles exploding mid-flight.

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Kharkiv local authorities have officially confirmed only one instance of Russia's use of these missiles. However, Filchakov mentioned two additional uses of Hwasong-11 on Feb. 7, as evidenced by markings visible on the debris from the missiles Russia used in the attack on that day.

In early January, White House National Security spokesman John Kirby said that Russia started using North Korean missiles to strike at Ukrainian territory.

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