Man charged in Saskatoon bombing allegedly called police to say he would 'finish the job at the courthouse'

A man has been charged after an improvised explosive device was set off at Saskatoon's provincial courthouse last week.

Rodney James Wilkie, 44, is facing several charges, including intent to cause an explosion to cause serious bodily harm or death or property damage, recklessly cause damage by explosion, threats to cause damage, and obstruction of justice. 

There were no injuries in the March 29 explosion, but the exterior of the building was damaged.

Police said the investigation into the bombing intensified on Wilkie after a "threatening call" was made to police Thursday morning.

Insp. Randy Huisman told reporters in a press conference Monday that "a man stated that he would 'finish the job at the courthouse.'"

Huisman said officers undertook "an aggressive investigation" over the weekend after that phone call came in. Officers searched two homes, as well as a vehicle; witnesses were interviewed and surveillance video was reviewed. 

Huisman said Wilkie was previously known to police, who do not believe any other people were involved. 

Although the investigation is continuing, it is not believed there is a threat to public safety.

No link to terrorism 

Police last week stressed there was nothing linking the explosion to international terrorism, and that the bomb in question was at the low end of the destructive spectrum.

On Monday, Huisman said he believed the appropriate charges were already laid, but the inspector did not rule out additional charges stemming from the bomb investigation.