The Arsene Wenger joke isn't funny any more - the Arsenal manager must step down

A large proportion of soccer fans out there today will never have seen an Arsenal side without Arsene Wenger on the sidelines (no doubt struggling with the zipper on his coat). The 68-year-old has been Gunners manager since 1996—the same year that Arsenal’s recent Europa League opponents Ostersunds came into existence.

The Frenchman is truly part of the furniture in North London—and clearly the board of the club have every faith in him.

However, the fans who have complained about his presence for several years must now be listened to.

To paraphrase The Smiths, the Arsene Wenger joke isn’t funny any more.

The Wenger quirks and follies that could be tolerated when the club were dining at the Champions League table are now too much of a problem. He must not be allowed to see out the final year of his contract.

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