Artisan's and Farmer's Market spotlight: Candle Creations - Artistry in wax

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When you first see the beautifully sculpted candles created by artist, Susan Colavita, of Candle Creations, you have to wonder how she was able to make the intricately designed candles in layered colours.

There is a whole technique to the process that requires the candle to be dipped several times into different coloured wax to create the layers.

Susan then expertly carves the layers away revealing the colours. She works with the wax while it's still warm to create ribbon like designs for a stunning final ornamental candle.

It was something she started doing just over a year ago and has spent considerable time learning the technique.

“It was the result of wanting to do something different and unique,” Susan explained. “A couple of years ago I decided to do my own research on what it takes to make them, ordered my equipment from overseas, and went through a lot of practice.”

Once she completes the process of dipping the candles in the hot wax, she has to work quickly to design each one while the wax is still pliable.

If the candle hardens before being finished she can't complete the piece.

Because she does each candle by hand, no two candles are the same.

“There's 25 to 30 dips in the wax,” Susan said. “It takes about a half hour to do each candle because you have to work quickly while it's still warm. If you wait too long to think about, it will harden and then your candle is done. I work full time so this is really a labour of love.”

Susan's candles are now appearing at specialty shops. She also sells them at vendor's markets and on-line.

While they are fully functional candles, the are so ornate and well crafted, they are more likely to be a nice décor item for your home.

In addition, they make terrific gifts, and would be perfect as table centre pieces for weddings, corporate events, or any special occasion.

You can see her products by following Candle Creations on Facebook and Instagram.

Brian Lockhart, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, New Tecumseth Times

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